Mother’s Day Treasures

An aerial view of the largest Mother's Day card I've ever seen!

Well, another Mother’s Day has come and gone and I am still left with the afterglow. I just love Mother’s Day! Not only is this the one day a year specifically set aside for me to express my appreciation to my own mother, it is also the day that I get the most unusual and seriously hilarious gifts from my family. Mother’s Day, to me, is like a mini-Christmas and a comedy show all rolled up in one. I love anticipating what glue encrusted, glitter filled, cardboard art creation my children are going to lovingly present to me. I especially enjoy the gifts that have little faces glued to them. I also love to see what surprise my husband, who is kind of romantically challenged, will pull out of his hat. But no matter what they do, I appreciate the thought, the effort and the creativity of their offerings. And now that we have made it through another Mother’s Day, I want to reflect on the top ten gifts that I’ve received this year and in years past. Why, because it will be another 364 days until I get to enjoy this day again. And because whenever I am feeling down, I can look back on this post and laugh.


1. AN EXTRA-LARGE MOTHER’S DAY CARD. Yeah, the super sized, Shaquille O’neal-esq card made the list this year. If you have ever received this card, which is easily larger than a two toddlers, this means your child is expressing how BIG their love is for you. Kids may not know flowery words, but if you give them a choice at Christmas time between the big gift and the little gift, they will almost always choose the big one. Why? Because bigger means better of course! At least to a child it does. So take your love billboard and treasure it because your child thinks highly of you and this may be the best way they know how to show it.

2. MOTHER’S DAY RAP. Yeah, this year was full of surprises. My daughter made up a Mother’s Day rap for me and had the computer perform it. Apparently there is an internet application out there called Google Translate that will translate and speak whatever text you enter. The rap was simple, a lot of yeah yeahs, and even something about the computer being gansta, but it was funny just to hear the my laptop wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and watching my children giggle with delight.

3. SCHOOL-MADE TREATS. I am amazed at the number of ways these teachers will find to stick your child’s school picture to an art project. School made treats for Mother’s Day are awesome. I usually keep these because I want to look back on my child’s little face and smile at the thought of them working diligently at their desk, gluing their image to their masterpiece. I still remember the feeling of pride I always had when I brought something like that home to my mother and I am so blessed to now be on the receiving end of these gifts.

4. PHONE CALL AND FACEBOOK SHOUT OUT. I can’t forget my step-child who calls me every year on Mother’s Day and tells me how much she loves me and this year was no different. I also got a shout out on her Facebook page so I was feeling doubly blessed by her this year. There are so many step-parent/step-child relationships out there that are full of drama and unhappiness. This is just another reminder of how special my family is to me and I am so thankful!

5. FLOWERS (AND WEEDS). I love flowers! What woman out there doesn’t? My children love to bring me flowers, especially my little Isaiah. That child will pick me a flower from anywhere. I have had to drag him, kicking and screaming, from neighbors yards, and other private property, because he is trying to pick me a flower from their landscaping. Some people call that sweet, others may call it vandalism. Either way, I can anticipate a lifetime of brightly colored stems from my son. From time to time I also get a few weeds from my boy as well since he isn’t old enough to know the difference. I just put those in water too and give him a great big hug and file that into my “it’s the thought that counts” mental file. Besides, a mother knows that kids have at least one misconception of what an object truly is each and every day. Mother’s Day is no different.

6. CATERPILLAR. Speaking of Isaiah, he brought me a present last year that was truly amazing…to him. I remember this like it was just yesterday. I was in the house and in runs my son, eyes wide open, bright and full of excitement. He was yelling “mommy, mommy, look at what I got you!!!” And that is when I made my error. I turned around and stuck out my hand without first verifying what was in his little fist. And what did my child place in my hand? A caterpillar! Yuck! Now before you beat up on me, understand that I have a serious phobia when it comes to bugs and other slithering forms of nature. I cannot stand the sight of them, crawling around, looking as gross as possible. I totally freak out and this time was no different. As soon as I saw that creature crawling in my hand I screamed bloody murder like a freak show horror movie reject. The caterpillar went flying and my other children came running. Poor Isaiah was just devastated that I didn’t like his present. And my husband, who was outside and could hear me screaming, didn’t come and check on me as he usually does. Why? Because Isaiah had already shown him what he was bringing to his mommy and my husband knew it was only a matter of time before I totally freaked. Just wrong.

7. SILLY STRING. This was another past gift and I think AJ was the culprit in this case. I remember the look in his eyes as I opened my present. The last time I saw that look it was when I was watching (suffering) a national geographic show with my husband and Mufasa was chasing after Bambi. No sooner than I read the words “silly string” than my son asked to “see it” and off he went spraying silly string all throughout my house. What was even better is the good time I had cleaning all that crap up. Now THAT was special!

8. UN-CASHABLE COUPONS. I love the coupons where my kids promise to do certain tasks for me. Especially when they are too young to complete those tasks without causing bodily harm and injury. But you better believe, if you give me a coupon, I am going to use it! So bring on the cleaning and free hugs and kisses because now, you owe me!

9. BREAKFAST IN BED. I love breakfast food. I especially love getting served breakfast in bed. My kids aren’t the world’s best cooks and they may put weird stuff together like pancakes and cereal, but it’s a lovely gesture just the same. And even when they bring me soggy frosted flakes, I always take a few bites and just grin. I will admit, though, having to hide stuff they’ve cooked for me in the trash after they left the room. It was either that or spending the next week in a hospital getting my stomach pumped.

10. AN OIL CHANGE. I cannot end this post without acknowledging my husband. He always does his best to show me a lovely Mother’s Day and this year was no different. This year, he was running around getting my gift while I was busy with the kids. What did my mate of the past 14 years surprise me with this year? An oil change! Stop the presses baby! Oh yeah, I got me an oil change from my husband. He presented me with a beautiful card and inside next to the lovely words of appreciation, was a hand written note about how he had gotten an oil change and washed my mini-van for me as well. I just giggled and thanked my husband for his thoughtfulness. I know that he is the type of man who shows affection by doing what needs to be done. So when he cleans out the garage and wants to give me a tour of all the things he’s managed to hang on the walls, I do my best to show excitement. As for this Mother’s Day gift, I will admit, the more I thought about it, the more I laughed. I even laughed myself to sleep last night which was a good way to end my day.

What did you get for Mother’s Day this year? What was your favorite gift of all time? Have you received something unique from your family? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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