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Gift ideas any man would love. Even the fisherman who is oh

Well it’s that time of year again. Father’s Day! The day that children, wives, girlfriends and others show the fathers in their lives how fabulous they are by giving the most inappropriate piece of crap gifts on the market. At least that’s how it usually goes around here. Why do I say that? Because I am a HORRIBLE male gift giver! It’s funny because I love to shop and I love to give presents, but for some reason, my creativity goes right out the window when it comes to buying the men in my life an appropriate gift. Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, just because…year after year I have managed to purchase my step-father items that he either cannot use, will not use, or doesn’t even know why I thought it was a good idea to spend money on it. And, unfortunately, I’m the same way with my husband. I’m not the sappy type so I don’t like buying greeting cards that use all of these ridiculous flowery words to express a simple thought. I wish Hallmark would sell a card that says “Thanks so much for not turning and running as fast as you can from the poop, fights, bills, knocked out teeth, screaming, crying, whining and lack of sleep that comes with being a parent. Happy Father’s Day!” or how about “Thank you honey for being a strong man when a brick fell on our child’s head and I completely freaked out. Only you would remain focused on the emergency at hand and be able to shove my screaming carcass out of the way so you could rush our child to the nearest emergency room to have his face stitched back together. You rock!” Yeah, that’s pretty much the kind of message I like to send to my husband and step-dad. But, instead, I am stuck in limbo every year, trying to choose between a gift card and a tie. I usually alternate the two and hope for the best. Sometimes, I get bold and ask the nearest man walking past me in the mall what he thinks of whatever dumb “man item” I’ve picked up. That has worked sometimes. And sometimes I get the side-eye from their girlfriend or wife (oops!)  But this year, I decided to think outside the box. I asked several men I know what their favorite gift was they’ve ever received and I am going to post them below. So if you find it a challenge to give an appropriate gift to the important men in your life then, hopefully, this will help. And if you are someone who has no problems in this area, then please share your gift ideas! I’m sure my husband would appreciate me giving him something other than a reminder that the four “mini wonders of the world” that are running around our house right now are “the best gifts I could ever give him”…



1. MAN-BASKET. To make a great man-basket, you need to find a nice cloth-like storage container and fill it with items the man in question would love and appreciate. Some examples of these items would be shower gel, a magazine (fishing, working out, wrestling, whatever floats their boat), snacks they like, coffee, socks, a photo, candy, cologne, etc. This requires some creativity but could actually be fun and it gives them something to keep all of their personal belongings in such as their keys, wallet, glasses, etc. it is also a very thoughtful gift and can be used to show that you pay attention to some of the things he says, does and enjoys.  I actually like this gift idea. OK, on to the next.

2. HAMMOCK. You’ve got to admit, the idea of laying outside in a hammock on a nice breezy day does sound titillating. Even if you don’t have trees large enough to support the weight of the traditional hammock, they have hammocks that are supported by metal poles and require just a little bit of set up. If the man you are shopping for loves the outdoors then a hammock might not be such a bad gift idea. If he has out of control seasonal allergies then you may want to keep reading.

3. TICKETS. Ah, yes, purchasing tickets to an event that you are sure the guy in your life will love can be a great gift idea. Especially if you are buying tickets to something that is not necessarily your favorite pastime but you plan on making an exception and enjoying the event with him. Or maybe you can give him the tickets for him and a buddy to enjoy together. Use your imagination but make sure all schedules are clear before you make that purchase. This one could take some planning!

4. FLOWERS AND CANDY. Apparently some men have a sense of humor and sending them flowers and candy on the job is not only thoughtful but funny to them. My husband doesn’t particularly care for social situations in which he is the center of attention so having a giant bouquet delivered to him may not go over well. So, if you do this, be sure to have a side gift waiting just in case you misjudged the reaction your significant other was going to have.

5. PERSONALIZED ITEMS. Let’s face it. Most men love to leave their mark on the world and that includes having their name attached to things. If you think I’m exaggerating, tell your man that you want your child to have your last name instead of his and see where that gets you! I’m kidding, don’t do that. Please. But if you want to turn a mundane item into a great gift then personalize it. Buying a guy a pen is a sucky gift idea. But presenting him with a personalized pen set, now that is something he can enjoy. Does your man need a wallet? Buying him one, even if he needs it, is BORING! But purchasing a personalized wallet with his initials engraved in it, FABULOUS!

6. TEAM APPAREL. Do you have a sports nut running around your home, jumping up and down like he’s on fire whenever his team scores a point, touchdown, home-run, goal, or whatever? Then hooking him up with gifts that carry his favorite team’s logo on it can be the way to go. And if you do some research, you can find unique items made for your man’s favorite sports team. Some items that I have found with a sports team logo are computer mouse, calculator, stapler, wallet, drinking glasses, blankets, lawn chairs, umbrellas, towels, and of course clothing and hats. This could be a great gift but shop early because if his favorite team isn’t local, you will have to shop online and what you want may sell out during peak seasons such as Father’s Day and Christmas.

7. TAKE A TRIP. From what I’ve heard, men like to be whisked away just as much as the ladies do. So work out all the kinks, buy some plane tickets, or if that’s too costly, take him on a drive out of town. Plan some fun activities, and make sure your accommodations are “inspiring”. Use your imagination. I would love to spell this out for you but my children like to visit this site. I’ve done enough to scar them for life already, so hint dropping is the best you are going to get out of me today.

8. GIFT CARDS. OK, I said I was not going to mention gift cards but apparently some men would prefer them rather than receive an absurdly inappropriate gift. Meaning, if your man needs to spruce up his wardrobe, instead of you presenting him with items that he has to return because he doesn’t like them or they don’t fit, just get him a gift card to his favorite store. Oh, and I was also told not to purchase tools because a lot of women wind up buying tools that their men could never actually use. The fix for that dilemma? A gift card! Now, maybe a gift card by itself is boring but if you pair it with, say a personalized wallet, and have the gift card inside, then THAT might be considered a great gift instead of an epic fail.

9. BE HIS GENIE. If money is an issue then you can be creative and give that someone special a gift that money cannot buy…3 wishes! But to make this memorable you have to dress the part, men are visual so they will appreciate the entire experience better if you are creative with your attire (Again, use your imagination ladies!). You are also going to have to be willing to go all in so do not give this gift to someone who is a loose cannon and who will exploit this potentially fun gift idea by asking you to do uncomfortable or felonious acts. There is no point in BOTH of you being in hot water now is there?

10. A DAY OFF. Hey, good men do a lot. They work hard, deal with our mood swings (even if they are the cause of such mood swings), and bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give them a day off. If you are in a relationship that involves children, plan an outing (nothing that he would miss going to of course) and give him a day of rest and solitude. Even if he does nothing but lounge in his recliner and scratch while staring at sitcom reruns in a semi-comatose state, that is what HE wants to do so let him! Sometimes we women tend to over-think things when guys just like it simple. So remember, if he’s happy, then you’ve done your duty for the day. And tomorrow, he can go right back to cleaning the garage and killing that spider for you while you stand on the back of the sofa screaming like a horror movie victim and giving him a headache.

Do you have a great gift idea that a guy would love? Help your fellow readers and leave a comment. Tell us all about it!

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