Daddies Do Hair Too!

John and Jonacye during happier hair days

I remember watching my husband trying like mad to comb my step-daughter’s hair. He looked as if he was doing a combination of manhandling her head, arm wrestling and trying out for a Shake Weight commercial. Nevertheless, when he completed his masterpiece, Jonacye was beaming despite looking suspiciously like a unicorn that had just lost a scuffle.  No one could tell her anything other than you are a diva girl, rock that do! I don’t know what it is about daddies and their daughters but that relationship is very special and should be nurtured; even if it means entertaining a not so pleasant-looking hairstyle for a day. So, to help make your daughter’s first trip out in public sporting her daddy’s Lady Gaga-like hair masterpiece try following one of these tips.


1. TAKE A PICTURE. Any type of camera will do. This will help your daughter feel even more special and you can laugh at the photos later when you’re all alone and unable to offend anyone. These photos would also make a great addition to your daughter’s graduation and/or wedding slide show so snap away!

2. FIND A MATCHING SCARF OR HAT THAT SHE CAN WEAR. Especially if she is too young to realize that said head-piece is covering up what most people won’t understand.

3. HAVE A DADDY HAIR-DO PLAY DATE. Have all of the girls in the group get their hair done by their fathers only for the day. And if you have friends who’s husbands are excellent hair stylists, don’t invite them. They will only ruin your child’s self-esteem.

4. LET HER DADDY DO YOUR HAIR AS WELL. It will be fun (probably not for you) to pretend to be “twins” for a day. But beware! Children are a lot more honest when giving their opinion when they are giving it about someone else.

5. HAVE A FASHION SHOW. Really play this out. It makes your child happy, her father may keep trying to do her hair, and it’s free entertainment for you. Everybody wins!

6. LET HER DO HIS HAIR AS WELL. That way she will appreciate how difficult this job really is. OK, maybe not , but use that as an excuse to get him to let your daughter jack his head up.

7. RECORD A VIDEO AND UPLOAD IT TO YOUTUBE. Maybe it will go viral and your child and her trend setting hairstyle will become famous. Worse things could happen.

8. SEND A PICTURE OF YOUR DAUGHTER’S STYLE TO A LOCAL SALON. Better yet, have your husband show up unannounced with your child. They may take pity on her and give her a free makeover.

9. HAVE A CUSTOM T-SHIRT MADE. Make sure it says something like “Justin Bieber Did My Hair!” Hopefully her friends can read.

10. KEEP A BOX OF TISSUES HANDY, JUST IN CASE. Allowing daddy to do hair is best done before your child develops a firm grip on reality. But if she is mature beyond her years, explain to her, gently, that this counts as her annual community service project and that she is doing a lot for her daddy’s fragile self-esteem. Then take her picture.

Disclaimer:  This post is in no way intended to offend daddy’s who successfully do hair or other men hair stylists. It’s a way for me to make fun of my husband who does a lot of great things but hair isn’t one of them. I love you honey! ;-)

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