Workout Woes

None of these items were needed to complete my Manic Mom workout for today.

Ever since I started having children I have struggled to lose the weight that has clung to my body for dear life. I never really had a big issue with gaining weight during pregnancy, it’s what comes AFTER the child is born that I struggle with. No matter what I did and what I continue […]

The Last Supper

John in a restaurant, blissfully unaware of the nuclear meltdown going on right beside him.

Dinner out. When I was younger, the thought of eating out held such an appeal. It was extremely rare that my family would go to a restaurant and, when we did, I was in awe of the experience. I got to pick whatever I wanted to eat (within reason of course) and I got to […]

Suckie Sucky

Isaiah in a paci-induced state of bliss

Pacifiers. That one word alone can cause anguish, relief or even confusion for a new mother. I remember when I had my first child. I was young, fun, and ready to embark on my journey of being the best mom ever! I had experience dealing with children so I wasn’t worried about how I’d do […]

The Perfect Parent

Now doesn't this look like the child of a Perfect Parent?!

  There is nothing more aggravating to me than having some know it all, self-proclaimed “greatest parent who ever walked the Earth”, slyly hint that my parenting methods suck. These are the folks that just love to offer advice on how I can better improve myself and be more like them. These are also the […]

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