My Kids Rock!

Isaiah, cute as a....cowboy?

Well, the Olympic games are finally over and the daily rush of adrenaline I got from watching the athletes compete will be sorely missed. As usual, there were a ton of memorable moments and one of my favorites was watching Gabby win the gymnastics all around title. That was just amazing! But what I also […]

The Side-Eye, Part 2

So what if  I earned a side-eye for not paying extra for grocery bags. Me and my 72 cents laughed all the way to the bank!

OK so the last time I talked about giving the side-eye, I was putting my kids on blast about some of the off the wall, slightly negative contributions to society that they do almost on a daily basis. On the flip side, I have to be honest and admit there may have been a FEW […]

The Side-Eye, Part 1

Jacqueline Giving The Side-Eye

  The Side-Eye. It’s the look you give someone when they do or say something that is just not quite…right. Just imagine for a minute that you are engaging in a quite pleasant conversation with someone. Everything is going well and it seems like they are playing with a full deck. And then, out of […]

The Next Michael Jordan

Jacqueline on crutches after a rough game

  Sports. That word alone opens the mind up to an array of fun moments:  crowds cheering, cheerleaders wiggling, bands playing, and spectators doing the wave. The ability to bounce a ball, make a catch, slam a dunk, swim with vigor, run a track, or volley a ball can get you places in this country. […]

Daddies Do Hair Too!

John and Jonacye during happier hair days

I remember watching my husband trying like mad to comb my step-daughter’s hair. He looked as if he was doing a combination of manhandling her head, arm wrestling and trying out for a Shake Weight commercial. Nevertheless, when he completed his masterpiece, Jonacye was beaming despite looking suspiciously like a unicorn that had just lost a […]

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