Suckie Sucky

Isaiah in a paci-induced state of bliss

Pacifiers. That one word alone can cause anguish, relief or even confusion for a new mother. I remember when I had my first child. I was young, fun, and ready to embark on my journey of being the best mom ever! I had experience dealing with children so I wasn’t worried about how I’d do […]


Time Cover

ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH? It’s the taunt that was heard around the world. The Time magazine cover that featured the image of a slightly defiant looking young mother boldly breastfeeding her preschool aged child struck a nerve with many mothers, young and old. And the release, right before Mother’s Day, was especially suspicious. I didn’t […]

Mother’s Day Treasures

An arial view of the largest Mother's Day card I've ever seen!

Well, another Mother’s Day has come and gone and I am still left with the afterglow. I just love Mother’s Day! Not only is this the one day a year specifically set aside for me to express my appreciation to my own mother, it is also the day that I get the most unusual and […]

The Perfect Parent

Now doesn't this look like the child of a Perfect Parent?!

  There is nothing more aggravating to me than having some know it all, self-proclaimed “greatest parent who ever walked the Earth”, slyly hint that my parenting methods suck. These are the folks that just love to offer advice on how I can better improve myself and be more like them. These are also the […]

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