Not only did I get help washing the dishes, but my floor is clean too!

  I love to learn. I have two degrees and, if it wasn’t for the ridiculously high costs of getting an education, I’d probably have a few more. The process of discovering something new and mastering a subject excites me. Right now my fixation is on learning the Spanish language. I have even considered packing up […]

The Side-Eye, Part 1

Jacqueline Giving The Side-Eye

  The Side-Eye. It’s the look you give someone when they do or say something that is just not quite…right. Just imagine for a minute that you are engaging in a quite pleasant conversation with someone. Everything is going well and it seems like they are playing with a full deck. And then, out of […]

Driving Miss Crazy!

I'm going to do the same thing to his car one day...

I remember the day I purchased my first new car. There it was, a shiny brand new purple Chevy Cavalier. It was exactly what I had always wanted: small, clean, fun, and inexpensive. I played my favorite music while I drove the highway between my parents’ home and the university I was attending. Driving that […]

The Next Michael Jordan

Jacqueline on crutches after a rough game of...soccer...

  Sports. That word alone opens the mind up to an array of fun moments:  crowds cheering, cheerleaders wiggling, bands playing, and spectators doing the wave. The ability to bounce a ball, make a catch, slam a dunk, swim with vigor, run a track, or volley a ball can get you places in this country. […]

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