Daddies Do Hair Too!

John and Jonacye during happier hair days

I remember watching my husband trying like mad to comb my step-daughter’s hair. He looked as if he was doing a combination of manhandling her head, arm wrestling and trying out for a Shake Weight commercial. Nevertheless, when he completed his masterpiece, Jonacye was beaming despite looking suspiciously like a unicorn that had just lost a […]

Bath-Time Warriors

Jace Taking A Bath

  I know I shouldn’t believe everything I see on TV but I just saw something absolutely AMAZING! A product that beckoned me, imploring me to spend my last dime just to try and achieve the wonderful joy that could be experienced if only I had this product. What was it you ask? Well, today […]

Parenting 101

The Otey Kids-AJ, Jace, Jonacye, Jacqueline and Isaiah

Parenting. It’s one of the most important jobs a person can do in their lifetime. It’s an awesome, rewarding, life-changing experience that is not for all but a dream fulfillment for many. I love being a parent. My children bring me so much wonder and joy. Every day that I have them in my life […]

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